Publicaciones 2018

Proteomic characterization of vitellogenins from three species of South American fresh water fish

Verónica Urdaneta, Emilio Camafeita, Germán Poleo, Hilda Guerrero, Carolina Bernal, Iván Galindo-Castro, Nardy Diez. Latin American Journal of Aquatic Research, 2018.

Maize chlorotic mottle virus exhibits low divergence between differentiated regional sub-populations

Braidwood, L., Quito-Ávila, D.F., Cabanas, D, Bressan, A., Wangai, A., Baulcombe, D.C. Scientific Reports, Nature, Volume 8, Issue 1, January 2018.

Genetic mapping of quantitative trait loci for grain yield under drought in rice under controlled greenhouse conditions

Julio Solís, Andrés Gutiérrez, Venkata Mangu, Eduardo Sánchez, Renesh Bedre, Steve Linscombe, Niranjan Baisakh. Frontiers in Chemistry, Volume 5, January 2018.

Chemical, antimicrobial, and molecular characterization of mortiño (Vaccinium floribundum Kunth) fruits and leaves

Susana Llivisaca, Patricia Manzano, Jenny Ruales, José Flores, Joffre Mendoza, Esther Peralta, Juan M. Cevallos-Cevallos. Food Science & Nutrition, 2018.

Determination of gibberellic acid in a commercial seaweed extract by capillary electrophoresis

María Quijano-Avilés, Wendy Gavica, Ana Barragán, Patricia Manzano. Scientia Agropecuaria 9(1): 157 – 160, 2018.

Smallholders at a Crossroad: Intensify or Fall behind? Exploring Alternative Livelihood Strategies in a Globalized World

Ximena Rueda, Andrea Paz, Theodora Gibbs-Pless, Ronald León, Byron Moyano, Eric F Lambin. Business Strategy and the Environment, 27, 215–229, 2018.